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Dental Website Design provides dental websites and dental marketing solutions for dentists that are looking for new patients.

stunning dental website design

We offer stunning dentist website design for all types of dental practices such as general dentist website, and cosmetic dentist website design.

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Our Dentist Website Design websites are fully responsive and dental mobile websites ready. Dentists can add and remove before and after pictures, testimonials’ page from patients.

We also offer a free dental website for dentists who are using the dental intent marketing packages from Dental Office Website team.

Dental Website Design Tips

When you sell things online it is easy to do website designs. You display the goods you have to offer, and you present the pages in attractive displays so the shoppers can easily find what they are searching for. When you provide services to the public instead of goods it can be harder to create website designs that attract viewers, and provide the necessary information.

dental website design orange county cosmetic dentistA dental website design should be simple. You do not want to put in too many drops down menus or too many videos that will make the website difficult to load. You want a simple design that will be easy for everyone to navigate.

Your dental website design should include pages where your patients can leave comments, suggestions, and reviews of services. These interactive pages make people stay at the website for longer periods of time, and that gives them more time to explore and learn more about your services.

Your dental website design should include information about all of the members of your staff. You want to include the degrees and educational requirements your staff members have, but keep personal information like where they live, or their marital status of the website. You want the website to be professional, and you do not want to endanger any of your employees.

You want a design that provides viewers with quick access to the information they are looking for. If a person has traveled to your website to find out the office hours of your clinic you want them to be able to quickly go to the section detailing office hours, and not have to go through several pages to find the information they are seeking.

dental website designWhen a person lands on a website they will stay an average of seven seconds before they make up their mind to view more pages on the site, or to go to another site. Your design must be captivating so it causes people to stay longer than the seven-second average. You need a fresh look and attractive backgrounds that people will be compelled to view.

When you are designing your web pages keep in mind what the average viewer will want to see. You want to provide information, educational materials, and interactive games so people will have reasons to return to the web pages more than once.

You want the pages to appeal to several different ages, and to fill several different needs. When people feel that they are learning something while they are on a website they are more apt to share the site with friends and family. If they find a site boring, and uninteresting they are less likely to refer it to friends.

Add new articles, tips, and information on a daily basis to keep the pages fresh. You want a design that easily allows you to add tips and information for your viewers. You want a design that lets you change things up so people are not seeing the same thing every time they come to your site. This will keep people coming back again and again.